“A ten-year old boy. An insecure girl. Anyone thirsty. Anyone hungry or sick. Lives and generations and history are there for the tipping. You have hands. You have words. You have something. Touch the scales. Touch the least of these.”

N.D. Wilson

Sometimes the stories that need telling the most are the hardest to tell...

Sometimes what I see through my viewfinder breaks my heart, but I just keep clicking. Because sometimes words can paint a picture, but sometimes, you just need a picture. When numbers and statistics turn into faces and smiles, they are harder to forget. Almost nothing makes me happier than using my camera to capture the work that God is doing around the world.

Throughout the years I've had the incredible privilege of documenting the work of non-profits that advocate for orphaned and vulnerable children. From the coast of Ecuador to the mountainous villages of Thailand, I always walk away amazed at the people and the heart behind these ministries, and grateful that I was given the chance to tell their stories. Though set on stages at opposite ends of the earth, they share common themes: Redemption. Grace. Ashes turned to beauty. Incredible joy.

If you're a ministry looking for someone to tell your story, please contact me. I'd be honored to help.